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Using SSH

Secure Shell (SSH)

Secure shell is the program that allows for you to utilize our UNIX network from a PC either here or at home. It replaces the programs Telnet and FTP that we have discontinued supporting.

NOTE: To request a UNIX account, you must email and ask for one. The help staff will provide you with a UNIX username and password.

To telnet, that is, gain Remote Access, to our UNIX system simply start up SSH Secure Shell on the PC you are working at. Hitting the space key will prompt it to give you a dialog box where you can tell it what machine you would like to access remotely. The following machine names should all work:

The "ankola" option is recommended if you are using the SSH from off campus. The "fhat" is recommended if you are using the SSH from on campus.

Note that the first time you try to access a unix machine from a particular PC it will ask you if you want to "save the host key to the local database"... hit Yes.

FTPing a file is the process of moving a file from your UNIX account to your PC account or vice-versa. You might use it to upload things from a PC to your web-page, or to download things from your e-mail on UNIX to your PC.

To FTP a file you again use SSH. Once you start SSH choose New File Transfer from the Window menu. If you have already logged in from the base window then the window that pops up will show your UNIX file directory already. If the window that pops up is all grey, then simply hit the space bar and enter in the requested information.

You choose directories in the file transfer window just as you would in a windows based system. To upload a file from the PC to the UNIX account you can choose Upload under the Operation window and then browse for the file you want. Make sure the right SSH-FTP window shows the directory you want the file to go to though! To download a file from the UNIX account to the PC choose the file in the right SSH-FTP window and select Download under the Operation window. Notice that the operation menu also includes a choice to make new files in your UNIX account as well.

If you open up Explorer (not internet explorer!) or My Computer on the PC at the same time you have SSH-FTP open, you can just select and move files between the two windows without having to choose the upload or download options.

Finally, X-windows is the program you can use to make you PC emulate a UNIX machine. Just using SSH will not allow you to get any of the UNIX graphics routines... and (supposedly) just using X-windows will not let you login to the UNIX system... but using both X-windows and SSH together will.

To do this:

  1. Start the program Xwin32 on the PC (a blue Xicon should appear on the bar at the bottom)
  2. Start the SSH program on the PC, but do not connect with it yet
  3. In the Edit menu in SSH choose Settings.... Choose Tunneling, check the Tunnel X11 connections option, and click OK.
  4. Now hit space and log-in to the computer of your choice

Now if you do something that should call up a graphics window, it will appear on your PC screen. Try typing xv for example.