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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Statistics

Simultaneous Inference

Simultaneous inference

[large p small n testing, simultaneous confidence intervals, multiple testing, order-restricted inference]


Primary Theme: Edsel Peña, Joshua Tebbs

Secondary Theme: L.Wang, Edwards, Lynch

Some Publications

  • Pena, E., Habiger, J. and Wu, W. (2011). Power-Enhanced Family Wise Error and False Discovery Rate Controlling Multiple Decision Functions. Annals of Statistics, 39, 556-583.
  • Habiger, J. and Pena, E. (2010). Randomized P-Values and Nonparametric Procedures in Multiple Testing. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics.
  • Edwards, Don (2005). On False Discovery Rate-Adjusted Multiple Confidence Intervals for Selected Parameters . invited comment, Journal of the American Statistical Association 100, 81.
  • McCann, Melinda and Edwards, Don (2000). A hybrid method for improved critical points for multiple comparisons . Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation 29(3): 703-722.
  • Merchant, Aparna, M.McCann and D. Edwards (1998). Improved multiple comparisons with a control in response surface analysis. Technometrics 40, 297-303.