Globally Accessible
Statistical Procedures
initiative is designed to
make statistical routines
easily available via
the WWW.

The routines currently available have been divided into two categories, data analysis and educational. For the data analysis procedures, users need only choose the routine of interest and then enter the data as well as any other necessary information into a form or a Java applet. It's that simple. Results will be returned to the user's browser window or to a Java applet window.

The educational procedures are all written in Java and feature interactive graphics. A wide range of statistical topics are covered.

In the listings that follow, the type of user interface for the procedure is indicated in parentheses. If Java is indicated, this means your browser must be Java-capable. If Forms is indicated, this means your browser must be Forms-capable. Don't worry almost every browser meets these requirements.

Data Analysis Procedures:

  • WebStat- (Java) A statistical computing package for the WWW.
  • Kernel density estimation. - (Forms)
  • Estimation of a change-point in a Poisson process. - (Forms)
  • Statistical procedures for the AIDS epidemic. - (Forms)
  • Procedures for multivariate analysis. - (Forms)
  • The exact power of the fisher exact test - (Java)
  • An applet for understanding the spread of a simple epidemic - (Java)
  • Exact, unconditional tests for 2X2 tables - (Java)
  • Viewing 3-dimensional data in Virtual Reality - (Forms, You also need a VRML 1.0 plugin)
  • Statiscope - (Java)
  • RWeb - (Forms) use the R language online.
  • Statlets - (Java)
  • Distribution/Density Calculators, Plotters and RNG's (Forms)
  • Free tools from Statistical Solutions (Forms)

  • Educational procedures:

  • A Regression Applet - (Java)
  • A Confidence Interval Applet - (Java)
  • The Lets Make a Deal Applet - (Java)
  • A Histogram Applet - (Java)
  • A Central Limit Theorem Applet - (Java)
  • Interactive Demonstration of the Power of a Hypothesis Test - (Java)
  • A Survival Analysis Applet - (Java)
  • A Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution - (Java)
  • A "Small" Effect Size Can Make a Large Difference - (Java)
  • If you have a routine you would like to make available using Forms, the tutorial on developing a program for inclusion on G.A.S.P. is very easy to follow, but not yet finished. To submit a procedure, simply email us at Please include a title for the procedure which is linked to the proper location, and a brief description of what the procedure does.