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Latent Variables 2016 Conference Description

Latent Variables 2016 Conference


The Department of Statistics of the University of South Carolina, in partnership with NISS (National Institute of Statistical Sciences), is pleased to announce that it is organizing the Latent Variables 2016 Conference. This conference will be held October 12-14, 2016 at the Alumni Center on the campus of the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC.


The conference will honor Prof. Jayaram Sethuraman’s contribution to foundational issues in latent variables research. In addition to a plenary talk by Prof. Sethuraman, there will be four plenary talks to be given by Prof. David Blei (Columbia University), Prof. Xuming He (University of Michigan), Prof. Sonia Petrone (Universita’ Boccone) and Prof. Yanyuan Ma (Penn State University). The conference will also feature 6 pairs of concurrent sessions, each with 3 speakers, with each speaker giving 25-30 minute talks. The Department of Statistics has research interests in several areas related to latent variables theory and analysis. The concurrent sessions will feature research in these areas, including multiple testing, frailty models, objective Bayes analysis, factor models, diagnostic screening, model misspecification, group testing and biomarker pooling, item response theory, model-based clustering, generalized linear latent variable models, and measurement error models. There will also be poster sessions for graduate students and junior investigators, with some travel support provided through an NSF grant for graduate students and junior investigators.


Conference registration is now open. For registration and housing information, travel support and updates about the conference, go to