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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Statistics

Palmetto Lecturer Series

The Palmetto Lecturer Series is an annual research series begun by former department chair Don Edwards.  Each spring, a renowned invited researcher visits the statistics department for a week.  During the week, the visitor gives two research presentations (one technical and one more popular/accessible).  The list of past Palmetto Lecturers is a glittering one:

2010: Odd Aalen, Department of Biostatistics, University of Oslo

2011: James Ramsay, Department of Psychology, McGill University

2012: Ed George, Department of Statistics, University of Pennsylvania

2013: Francisco J. Samaniego, Department of Statistics, University of California, Davis

2014: Peter Müller, Department of Statistics, University of Texas, Austin

2015: Naisyin Wang, Department of Statistics, University of Michigan

2016: Anastasios (Butch) Tsiatis, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University

2017: Ray Carroll, Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University


Selected presentations from previous Palmetto Lecturers are given here:

PDF icon March 26, 2013 Palmetto Lecture on Comparative Inference PDF icon March 29, 2013 Palmetto Lecture on Network Reliability PDF icon March 25, 2014 Palmetto Lecture on Bayesian Subgroup Reporting PDF icon March 28, 2014 Palmetto Lecture on Modeling Tumor Heterogeneity PDF icon March 24, 2016 Palmetto Lecture on Optimal Treatment Regimes PDF icon March 25, 2016 Palmetto Lecture on The SYNERGY Trial PDF icon March 22, 2017 Palmetto Lecture on Data-based Dietary Pattern Scores PDF icon March 24, 2017 Palmetto Lecture on Estimation using External Data