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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Statistics

Graduate Students

Name Office Email
Seung Chul Baek LeConte 206
Bryonna Bowen LeConte 208B
Xiangyang Cao LeConte 200D-F
Tuan Quoc Do LeConte 200D-F
Ennan Gu LeConte 127
Megan Hinger LeConte 127
Michael Hornsby LeConte 127
Xinxin Hu LeConte 200D-F
Xiangyu Hu LeConte 127
Yuan Huang LeConte 127
Tahmidul Islam LeConte 209F
Stephanie Jones LeConte 208B
Taeho Kim LeConte 203
Xiang (Kingsley) Li LeConte 206
Yawei Liang LeConte 200D
Juexin Lin LeConte 200D
Haigang Liu LeConte 127A
Zichen Ma LeConte 127
Chong Ma LeConte 127C
Bridget Manning LeConte 127
William (Isaac) Molyneux LeConte 127
Xichen Mou LeConte 127A
Pedro Rotta Nielsen LeConte 200D-F
Ryan Pittman LeConte 127
Shiwen Shen LeConte 209F
Dongho Shin LeConte 200D-F
Young Jo Son LeConte 200D-F
Siyuan Song LeConte 204
Ryan Stutz LeConte 127
Jeff Thompson LeConte 207
Lili Tong LeConte 200D-F
Chunling (Penny) Wang LeConte 212C
Lu Wang LeConte 200D
Qianqian Wang LeConte 207
Yizheng Wei LeConte 203
Yijie Xu LeConte 127A
Zhen Yang LeConte 127
Yifan Zhang LeConte 204A
Wenda Zhang LeConte 127
Yiyao Zhang LeConte 127
Xinchu Zhao LeConte 203
Qiang Zheng LeConte 127A